How to make women feel even more insecure?

Yeah, as it sounds, when you talk like this, it makes some of us even more insecure about being around you.

I’ve recently come across a YouTube video in which a man speaks about things that women shouldn’t feel insecure about, and few of them were the stretch marks, thigh gaps, height and weight. And each time he advises women to feel secure with those things he says something like: “….. because believe me every time a man sees you he would be like ‘maaan ooh yees'” in a weird sexual way. Is this sexual language now considered flattering?

One important point, since when does all women care about what men say? Yes, some of us feel insecure, but sexual language won’t solve that issue.

It is important to empower women and spread the awareness that it really does not matter what people say about you. If you are comfortable with your body, that’s perfect. And even if YOU want to change the way you look, it still your own business.


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